Update 6.13.2020

Due to the continuing Covid-19 Pandemic, we are postponing our wedding celebration.

Please set your calendars back one year, with the new date set for 10/2/2021!
We hope you all continue to stay healthy and safe, and we cannot wait to celebrate together in the Fall of 2021!

- With love, Alison & Tory

Update 3.23.2020

We are all in the midst of unprecedented times as the world battles the Covid-19 Pandemic. Above all else, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and in good company. We know that every person and family is in a different state - whether that be with your health, your finances, or your emotional well-being - as every aspect of our daily lives has been disrupted.

We hope that our wedding celebration can be a shining beacon on the horizon and something to look forward to. If it meant the world to us for you to attend before, now it would mean the universe - We are so lucky to have all of you in our lives!

At this time, we are still very much planning on having our wedding ceremony and reception on 10/3/2020. If any of that should change or become in jeoporady, we will notify all of you and post any updates.

Please stay healthy and safe, and maintain social distancing so that we can all celebrate together in the fall!

- With love, Alison & Tory
Emily Betts