Our Story

This is Us!

So how did a Baltimore Girl and a California Boy become so close?

It all started at the Johns Hopkins University on February 12th, 2014, when the notoriously rigorous administration announced classes cancelled for the rest of the week due to a snow storm. The esteemed brothers of Alpha Delta Phi (including our Groom) deemed this worthy of celebration, and made plans for a snow day party. Our Bride, and recent transfer student to JHU, received an invitation through a friend. The two met that evening, and began dating shortly thereafter!

In the summer of 2017, the couple moved to the San Francisco Bay Area following Tory's completion of school and Alison being offered a new position at Stanford. It wasn't until just into the new year of 2020 that the happy couple got engaged - see the website front page for the backdrop!

We cannot wait for what is to come!
Emily Betts